There’s nothing like stepping into a hot shower with a luxurious tile setting and door. But, you may wonder how high your shower doors can go in your bathroom? We researched the pros and cons of various door heights and settings for average to spa-like showers. Read on to discover amazing home decor ideas for creating a dramatic and practical shower experience.


Standard height vs all the way to the ceiling

Most shower doors are an average of 72-78 inches in height. Most contractors will eschew installing shower doors all the way to the ceiling because there needs to be room to allow steam and moisture to escape. also, in most cases, installing shower doors all the way to the ceiling needs to be customized, so the cost goes up too.


While it is possible to tile your shower space fully, it is not ideal to have floor-to-ceiling length shower doors. If you are interested in installing floor-to-ceiling shower doors, you need to ensure your doors have enough space to accommodate your aesthetic preference.



It is possible to create an enjoyable and relaxing shower experience depending on the size, style, and type of shower doors.


The idea of installing a floor-to-ceiling length shower door is not impossible, but it may not be a practical decor choice for a bathroom. Let’s face it; bathrooms are a moist place with all of the water coming from toilets, sinks, and showers. A bathroom must have adequate ventilation, including a shower design to allow steam and water droplets to escape. In many cases, even if one were to leave the shower door open between uses, a dramatic shower door that stretches from the floor to a tiled ceiling may encourage mold, mildew, and odors.


Typically, most shower doors have a height of 75-78 inches in length, and the width is usually between 48 to 60 inches. Of course, you may have a custom shower door set up with varying lengths, thickness, and weight. Be mindful that the shower door’s size will be determined by if it is framed, frameless, pivots so it swings inward, outward, or slides to enter. Smaller bathrooms may not be capable of handling a shower door that reaches to the ceiling, but a larger bathroom adjacent to a master bathroom may look stunning with a bold door.

Especially if you choose a shower door that extends itself from the floor to the ceiling, make sure that it is a style that is supportive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. It may be necessary to choose a lighter, thinner profile door than initially desired for safety concerns. Typically, many contractors may turn down installing such a cumbersome door because there should be space for a shower to breathe, and obstructing vents, fans, or lighting may be in the way of the door.



Bathrooms that are grand in size with plenty of room to spare look amazing, with a shower door extending from the floor to the ceiling. However, it is not always practical or feasible to install a shower door at such lengths. Some contractors may dissuade someone from choosing a shower door that touches the ceiling. Smaller bathrooms can have dramatic doors that reach the ceiling, as long as they pivot inward to enter and exit the shower. Showers with a weird shape or are at an angle in a bathroom may be better off with a gap between the ceiling and the shower door.