Residential Project

This apartment building is situated in one of the most popular areas of Toronto: The Annex. Come live in a quiet community with great access to numerous activities.

11 Walmer Rd. Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2W9
Visualizations: QDesign

Toronto, Canada

“Superior roller system ensures mute & smooth slide and had passed 100,000 times cycling test and 48hrs AASS test, made to last!”

Joseph Kent, Quality control department

  • Design: Modern and clean look, frameless sliding design made cleaning effortless
  • Towel bar configurations:  extra storage
  • Layout: Install for left or right opening
  • Waterproofing: Anti-splash threshold & High transparent water gaskets
  • Quick installation

SGCC certified 10mm tempered clear glass, exceptionally safe and construction resilient


All the hardware is in heavy-duty rust-resistant stainless steel 304, guaranteed structural stability

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